Kalevala treatment is safe and painless mobilization that does not involve manipulation techniques or “cracking”. In this approach, a person is seen as a structural and functional entity that should be treated holistically. The treatment aims to find the source for complications, and to balance the body part that paves the way for balancing the whole body by its’ kinetic chain. As complications may rise from different sources, the procedure always involves mobilization of the whole body, starting from the feet and ending up all the way to the head. One session takes about 1,5 hours.


Fresh bone fractures


Severe osteoporosis

Active cancer

Wounds and infections in the skin

Severe heart condition

Sea salt wrapping (self-help):

If you have pain on muscles or joints, you can also try sea salt wrapping.

1. Mix 1 liter (about 22 degrees Celsius) of water with 0,5 dl of sea salt

2. Soak a towel in saline water.

3. Apply the towel on sore body parts. You can repeat the procedure 3 times a day for 45 minutes at time.